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Xtend your limits

The Xtend line is a patented, award-winning, and groundbreaking collection of products fully dedicated to innovation and sustainability. Each product was designed to last for years, grow, and develop with children throughout childhood.

Let's grow together

The Xtend line is the ultimate kids' ride
Designed to to accompany kids all the way through their childhood.
Once your kids have outgrown the initial stage
Quickly and easily advance to the next one and let your kids ride free.

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The only extendable rides in the world

The Xtend line’s one-of-a-kind multi-stage extendable design makes them the perfect products for kids of any age .

Sustainable technology

Designed to last for years, The Xtend line was created to be the planet friendly choice when selecting a ride for your kids.

Durable build

Made out of the toughest materials, and designed to last for years the Xtend line is the most durable line you can get.

Frequently asked questions

The products in the Xtend Line feature adjustable components, unlike any other products in the world. From the extendable footboard on the Xtend Scooter to the extendable frame on the Xtend Bike these innovative products are made for years of fun.

All of the products in the Xtend Line were designed to be easily adjustable by parents at home without the need for professional assistance. We provide a user-friendly manual and online tutorials to guide you through the simple adjustments.

The smarTrike Support Team will be happy to help you order any available replaceable part for your product! Just contact us at

Safety is our top priority. The Xtend line adheres to stringent safety standards with durable materials, secure adjustments, and features that enhance stability and ensure a safe ride at every growth stage.

We're committed to sustainability. The Xtend line is built to last, reducing waste by adapting to your child's growth. We use durable materials that aim to minimize our environmental impact.

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Sustainable products

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1 Year warranty

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