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Folding tricycle for kids

STR is the ultimate folding tricycle for kids, it folds compactly for easy travel and transportation. It easily transitions from a traveling baby tricycle into a portable three-wheeled bike.

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smartrike three-in-one trampoline activity centre
Kids trampoline

The folding three-in-one activity centre that transforms from a kids ball pit to an indoor Trampoline. Kids can practice their jumping skills while you can fold and unfold it in three easy steps.

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smartrike balance bikes
Balance bikes

The ultimate toddler bike teaches children balance before pedalling by developing the skills of biking. Our kids balance bike convert from a low bar (2-3 years) to a high bar (3-5 years).

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Tricycle for kids

Our push trike manoeuvres easily with the lightest touch - has 100% comfort ride. The trike is the perfect first trike for your toddler and it easily transitions in to ride-on trike.

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smartrike kids scooters
Kids scooTer

The SmarTrike toddler scooTer encourages a sense of exploration and outdoor discovery. scooTers help a child to practice coordination and enjoy new outdoor adventures.

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